Online Tools

How To Use Google Drawings For Making Drawings Online

Google Drawings is a web app for making diagrams and illustrations online. This app can be used for making all kinds of diagrams and drawings, ranging from flowcharts, mind maps, concept maps to complex organizational charts, wireframes, mockups, comics and the like.

Polychart: Create Awesome Charts For PowerPoint Using Your Own Data


Data visualization tools are one of the most effective ways of conveying long and otherwise daunting information to your audience. Charts and graphs are common ways of displaying information and unlike text and figures, they do not scare the audience.

Using Ask the Room to get Feedback from a Presentation Audience

AskTheRoom is a basic but useful tool that you can use online to get feedback or conduct surveys with your audience during a presentation or meeting. The good thing about Ask the Room is that it is free and you can see the results in real time mode and full screen so embedding it in …

Instantly Share Pictures And Webpage Extracts With Custom Notes Using Bounce

While there are many desktop applications and browser extensions for taking and saving notes, they often require signing up and logging in to a web service to share content. An easy alternative to such services is a simple web app known as Bounce. Bounce allows instantly uploading an image from your device, which can be …