Ms Office

Solve Optimization Models in Excel With Solver App

Frontline Systems Inc. has developed Solver App that permits the user to delineate and resolve various kinds of optimization problems in Excel Workbooks. All this can be done hassle free in the Excel Web App in SharePoint 2013, in Excel 2013 as well as Excel Online in Office 365.

Scan Documents With iOS & Android in Editable Format With Office Lens

A while back Microsoft released the Office Lens app for Windows Phone which made it possible to scan documents using a WP device. But Office Lens isn’t any common document scanning app, as it makes it possible to convert your paper documents into editable MS Office files.

How To Make Custom Templates Appear on PowerPoint 2013 Start Screen

There is a huge collection of templates provided by Microsoft these days. These templates can be incorporated efficiently to get the best out of your task. Moreover, the users are also available with the option to download some additional templates for free from various websites.

How To Download Old MS Office Templates Removed By Microsoft

Recently, Microsoft did something unexpected that left a lot of users high and dry. During the overhaul of the Office Templates Gallery at, Microsoft ended up removing hundreds, if not thousands of templates overnight, resulting in broken links that are still echoing through Google.

Convert PDF Files To Editable Word Documents With PDF Reflow

There are times when one needs to fetch content through a PDF file but is not able to accomplish the task. This comes out to be really disappointing and one start’s searching for some solution with which this need can be fulfilled. Considering the repetitive demands buy the users, PDF Reflow has been developed and become available …

How To Use Accessibility Options in Office 2013

The Microsoft Office professionals are dedicated to making Office more obtainable to the people with disabilities and also allow you to create content that is easily accessible by all. The accessibility feature of MS Office 2013 makes the use of Office simple and easy for the content creators and makes documents, presentations & other material …

Using Office For iPad To Print Documents

Unlike most of its counterpart tablets and Phablets, iPad offers a great interface, a superb user experience and of course the quality of being an apple product. Recently Microsoft launched its Office suite for the iPad, expanding its horizons and providing users with an MS Office fixation something to cherish. The application saw downloads rise exponentially and …