Medical Presentations

Free Test Tube PowerPoint Template

Test Tube and Monitor Themed Template for the Health and Medical Industries

If you are in a field involving medicine, pharmaceuticals, health, chemistry, and chemical engineering, to name a few, then you know that you would need presentations to show your findings, research, products, and other information. For these purposes, you would need slideshow themes that match the industry that you belong in. 

How Relevant Are Medical PowerPoint Presentations?

As a medical practitioner, one may not get enough chances to present publicly with slides, considering the fact that medical seminars and discussions do not involve much of technical PPT presentations. And, that’s the reason perhaps why most of us end up questioning- how relevant are medical PowerPoint Presentations.

Blood Pressure Design Template For PowerPoint

PowerPoint templates with a medical theme are not only hard to find but finding the right one can be even more difficult. There are very few Medical PowerPoint Templates that are generic enough to fit most topics. The Medical Pressure Design Template for PowerPoint is a medical template which provides different sample slides for making …

Top Premium & Free Animated Heart Rate PowerPoint Templates

The heart is a vital aspect for presentations related to biology, medical science and even romance. The image of a cardiogram can help you present topics ranging from physical health to the need for reducing your stress and managing your diet patterns. If you need a template related to a topic which requires showing a …

Important Tips For Medical Presentations

Most of the medical practitioners are not trained for giving presentations; it is indeed a critical job and requires knowledge, not only in terms of the topic you are dealing with, but also on how to communicate your ideas easily to the listeners. Whether you need to deliver a presentation to doctors or related medical …

How Medical PowerPoint Presentations Are Useful?

Oral communication or plain text information is not enough these days. To put forward your point in a powerful way, PowerPoint Presentations are used extensively. As PPTs are being used in all industries, the medical industry has not remained untouched.

Animated Skull Template For PowerPoint Presentations

Revolving Brain PowerPoint Template is an Animated Template for PowerPoint with a transparent skull video animation which slowly rotates to show the different lobes of the brain. It is available as both a standalone video background and a customizable PPTX template.

Top Effective Medical PowerPoint Templates for Presentations on Healthcare Industry

If your goal is to make an effective medical PowerPoint template to convey a message to an audience about a disease, a treatment or any other medical topic, then using animated medical PowerPoint templates like this example below can be an effective way to achieve your presentation needs. This is an animated medical PowerPoint template …

Patient Registration Form Template for Word 2013

If you work offering medical services as a professional then this free medical template and patient registration form can be very useful to be used in Microsoft Word 2013 (but also with backward compatibility). You can use this form in advance of a patient appointment with your medical office. This simple but useful medical template …

List of PowerPoint Topics

PowerPoint has emerged as an effective tool for communication with a large number of audience in one go. These presentations can be widely used by people regardless of their field. However, what makes a PowerPoint presentation worth the time of the audience and the presenter is a well-crafted set of slides with the right mix …