Posts related to MATLAB compatible and alternative methods for creating diagrams and illustrations.
MATLAB is a well-known computing environment for matrix manipulation, plotting of data and implementing algorithms. These posts are about methods related or alternative to the MATLAB platform.

Make 3D Plots for PowerPoint Presentations

Online 3D Function Grapher is a free online utility where you can make simple 3D plots from a Math function. You can use the online tool to make simple 3D graphs and plot mathematical functions in 3D. All functions can be set different boundaries for x, y, and z, to maximize your viewing enjoyment. There is …

How to Graph Equations for PowerPoint Presentations

In PowerPoint you can create charts easily by using the built-in chart capabilities. However, sometimes you’d need to graph complex equations for Math classes or any other special need. For this purpose, PowerPoint Charts may not be suitable. Instead we can use some alternative software especially designed for plotting. FooPlot is a free online tool …