Macro-Enabled Office documents enable you to automate frequently-used tasks. Many templates come with Macros and they are created with VBA.
From the posts listed in this section you can learn about the utility and use of macros and how they can enhance your documents. Learn about management of macros and how to make good use of them in your Office documents such as PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets.

What is a Macro?

You might have downloaded an Office template and received a prompt to enable macros. You might also have noticed that the prompt also comes with a warning that enabling macros can be harmful for your computer. But macros aren’t exclusive to Microsoft Office files, as a macros are widely used by programmers around the world …

Excel2PowerPoint: Convert Excel to PowerPoint

Excel to PowerPoint is an interesting open source project available in SourceForge that you can use to convert an Excel spreadsheet into a PowerPoint presentation. The application is bundled inside an Excel spreadsheet using Macros. As soon as you download the project from the online repository, you will need to unzip and open Excel To Powerpoint.xls …