Repair Corrupt Presentations with Stellar Repair for PowerPoint

Public speaking can be scary enough on its own for people, without the added stress of losing important data in the form of a corrupt PowerPoint file. But it happens more often than most people realize and it can happen just when you need your slides ready in the nick of time. In such a case no one wants to redo all their slides again. The best thing to do is to use a PowerPoint file repair tool like Stellar Repair for PowerPoint, which repairs corrupt PowerPoint files including PPT, PPTX and macro-enabled PPTM files.

Repair Corrupt Files in Three Easy Steps

If you’re stressed and wish to quickly fix your corrupt PowerPoint file, you can do so in three easy steps.

Select or Search Files to Repair

You can start by selecting your file from your hard drive or search a directory to locate and select a PowerPoint file. You can also choose to repair PowerPoint files in batch.

select a powerpoint file

Scan and Repair PowerPoint Files

Click Scan to begin repairing your file. Your file will be repaired by Stellar Repair for PowerPoint. You will get a preview of the repaired file within the app UI so that you can determine if the file has been properly repaired.

scan powerpoint file for repair

Save Repaired Files

You can click the Save button from the top toolbar to save your repaired file. This action can help you to save hours of manual work and get your presentation file and slides fixed.

preview repaired powerpoint file

If you don’t have the product activated, you might be prompted to activate your product.

activate stellar repair for powerpoint

You can choose to save the file in the default location as the original file or to a custom location. Stellar Repair for PowerPoint will create and save a repaired version of the file. The software recovers everything from tables, forms, modules to hyperlinks, comments, slide numbers, etc.

save repaired powerpoint file

Stellar Repair for PowerPoint supports a wide range of PowerPoint versions, ranging from older versions to the latest PowerPoint 2019. You can even repair severally corrupt PowerPoint files.

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