Linked Documents

Learn all about linked documents in Office applications like PowerPoint and OneNote. The posts below provide details about how and why documents are linked together and what might be the effects of linked documents for you as a presenter.

If you are writing a research paper, you might also find the citation related tutorials in this section to be of great help in enabling you to link your documents to appropriate sources.

Links and Related Documents in PowerPoint 2010

You may be wondering why there is an option for linked sources or related documents in PowerPoint 2010. Here we will try to explain different possibilities where you may work with linked documents within your PowerPoint presentations. Linked documents can be present in different situations, but the common way to have related documents in PowerPoint …

How to Cite a PowerPoint

You must have attended a conference presentation or meeting where people get notes on PowerPoint presentation, you would cite it as public address or sometimes lecture may be, right? For Example: Milton, Laurie.  “Nutrition” PowerPoint presentation. Embassy Suites, Lexington, KY. 19 Mar 2010. However, if it is accessed on internet it will be cited as web …