Animated Supply Chain PowerPoint Template

The Animated Supply Chain PowerPoint Template is a presentation template that depicts the supply chain in a step by step manner with the aid of customizable slide layouts. The template can be used for any topic related to the supply chain, to demonstrate anything related to supply slide economics, marketing, sales, etc.

Supply chain PowerPoint template

Static and Animated Supply Chain Themed Slides

You can make use of both the static and animated PowerPoint slides in this template to create your presentation. You can either incorporate only the animated slides or both the static and animated slides.

The layouts provide scope for making different types of custom layouts, where you can drag and drop to rearrange objects, use the given clipart, as well as replace sample content with your own.

Supply chain comparison

Editable Bar Code Slide

As the objects in this template are editable, you can even replace basic slide elements like the bar code given in the slide shown below. Similarly, you can add custom branding to reflect your company or product logo or change the color of slide elements to match your company colors.

Bar code slide

While the template has been designed to help present different steps of a supply chain, you can easily adjust the sample layouts as per need to use the template for other topics, be it related to business, finance, logistics, production, economics, sales and the like.

If you are a teacher or student, you might find the template quite handy for making presentations to demonstrate topics related to the supply chain logistics or other relevant topics.

Supply chain template for PowerPoint

Supply and Logistics Themed Clipart

The clipart slide in this template provides a plethora of icons that you can use for making custom slides. You can also resize and recolor these icons in PowerPoint.

Supply chain clipart

Like most templates offered by Presenter Media, this template too can be downloaded not only for PowerPoint but also for Keynote.

Go to Presenter Media – Supply Chain Logistics PowerPoint Template (Standard)

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