Animated Environmental Issues PowerPoint Template

Global warming, climate change and other environmental issues have been heavily debated in recent years. The impact of climate change has led to discussion on climate change adaptation, and identifying the means to cut greenhouse emissions. To discuss the broad concept of environmental impact of greenhouse gases, deforestation, air pollution and overconsumption, you can use the Animated Environmental Issues PowerPoint Template.

Animated Environmental Issues powerPoint Template

Animated Slides Based on Environmental Issues

This template provides some of the very best slides on the topic that you are likely to find. These animated slides come in editable form, with images that clearly present the message for the need to take immediate action to control global warming and climate change. The animated template on environmental impact can also be used to prepare presentations combining slides for topics such as conditions for agriculture or greenhouse monitoring systems to monitor temperature levels, humidity, nutrition, and soil moisture.

Even the title slide contains symbols that represent various hazards to the environment including icons representing deforestation, oil rigs, industrial pollution and nuclear waste.

Pollution PowerPoint Template

Environment Related illustrations

There are slides which depict industries polluting the air, deforestation, pollution of the sea from an oil rig and other symbolic illustrations that can help you discuss your topic in great detail. You can edit these slides to add your own information to the animated slides.

Oil Rig

Design Your Own Illustrations & Infographics

You can also create infographics, design your own diagram slides or create timelines by using the sample slides. You can discuss your topic with statistics and other types of relevant information by presenting it in a sequence by using the sequential slides in this template.

Infographics on Environment

Compare the Impact of Environmental Hazards

You can also compare the various types of threats to the environment and their impact on global warming and climate change. This slide in particular has been designed for this very purpose and can be a good resource for adding statistical information to back your findings regarding the various types of hazardous practices that are having a major negative impact on the environment. You can also include additional symbols and images to discuss additional types of hazards that you might have identified.

Compare Hazardous Environment

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