Diamond Grid Design Business PowerPoint Template

When it comes to PowerPoint presentations, the trend now is to be subtle, clean, minimal, and to make your content the star of the show, so to speak. It is important to still keep things concise while still highlighting the main ideas behind every slide.


Not a Diamond in the Rough

The Diamond Grid Design Business PowerPoint Template is a modern, classy, and versatile template that you can use for all your presentation needs. This is because it’s simple, elegant, and is neutral enough for all kinds of slideshows for school, office, or personal use.

This template is free to download and can be saved to your OneDrive account. Moreover, it can also be saved on your computer or other devices. It’s convenient because you can access it wherever you are. This template also has backward compatibility with older PowerPoint versions so you can still enjoy this template’s many features.


For Presentations that Dazzle and Shine

The template has 11 preset slides, and each has different functions to make your presentation powerful and memorable. As a whole, the template has a white background which is accented by geometric diamond patterns all throughout. This background can be seen in all the slides for a uniform look.

As for the color scheme, it has black and red to easily contrast against the light background and make your text and other objects easily pop out. Speaking of objects, the template allows you to easily visualize your data because it already has charts, diagrams, and tables that you can also customize.

There are also various layouts to help you present your information in different ways. Aside from the 11 sample slides, you can also go to the Home or Insert menu and click on the “New Slides” option. Here, you can see the many other slide layouts. Just add, delete, duplicate, and rearrange them depending on your own presentation needs.


If black, white and red are not your thing, you can still change the template color scheme by going to the Design menu in the Ribbon.

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