Fundraising Thermometer

Ever heard of a fundraising thermometer? It’s a virtual thermometer used to measure the amount of donations that have been received during a fundraiser. Having a virtual thermometer can help determine how close your organization might have come to achieving the target amount.

See these tutorials below to understand how to create a fundraising thermometer.

Animated Goal Chart Template for PowerPoint

If you need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation focused on goals and measurements, then using a stunning animated goal chart template for PowerPoint presentation can be a good and effective way to impress your audience in a meeting or conference. PresenterMedia has a nice goal chart template that you can use with a nice thermometer …

How to Make a Fundraising Thermometer for PowerPoint

Fundraising Thermometers can be used in PowerPoint presentations and dashboads. What exactly is a fundraising thermometer? It is a  thermometer design used mainly to monitor the progress of funds raised in an online fundraising campaign but also to show in dashboards and presentations based on the goals set beforehand by your organization. If you have …