4 Simple & Eye-popping PowerPoint Templates to Impress your Co-workers

Sometimes it become hard to find good PowerPoint templates to impress your bosses and clients. And more difficult is to find free PPT templates so you don’t need to pay for premium services. In this article we will introduce you free Eye-popping PowerPoint Templates that you can use to impress your co-workers with simple but catching PPT templates and master slide designs. The 4 simple & eye-popping PowerPoint Backgrounds will help to impress your co-workers by keeping same line but the colors are changed and gradient styles are used.

All these templates below can be downloaded for free and includes 3 slides with a master slide design and 2 internal slides. One of these has a horizontal banner while the other one has a vertical column.

1. Blue Engage PowerPoint Template

This is a nice variant of free and simple PowerPoint template with blue style and white background color for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. You can download this free PPT template to impress your audience with a simple style.

2. Red Engage PowerPoint Template

This is another variant with red color and gradient style.

3. Orange PowerPoint Template

Another PowerPoint template variant with original style using orange colors.

4. Gold PowerPoint Template

Free PowerPoint template variant with gold color and gradient style.

All the templates comes with three slides (1) master slide design and (2) internal slide design. You can download free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for business presentations and any other presentation need.