Avoid Paying For Textbooks By Getting Educational Content From Boundless

We all require researching on various subjects related to different topics. Some require data for making PowerPoint presentations for a university project or business meeting, whereas other need data to amass quantitative research. Furthermore, textbooks are also a good source for acquiring “reliable” information about various theories, national and international laws, historical events and the …

PowerPoint for Dummies

PowerPoint for Dummies is a book that lets you discover how to use the latest enhancements of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007  and 2010 quickly and efficiently in order to produce unique and informative presentations. PowerPoint continues to be the most popular presentation software worldwide and For Dummies guide shows users different ways to create powerful and effective slideshow …

PowerPoint Books

PowerPoint Books

Getting Started with PowerPoint or getting expertise skills in PowerPoint can be accompanied with a great book. Here we will try to list some of the must-read books that you can consider if you want to enjoy a reading while learning more about presentations and PowerPoint. Widgets

How to Use Thesaurus in PowerPoint

Imagine this situation: You are preparing an important PowerPoint presentation and once you are ready to close it you find that there are many repeated terms. You are so focused in your presentation that it is hard to find other related terms, synonymous or antonyms in order to help you as a presenter (you don’t …