Audience Feedback

Conduct Interactive Class Lectures With Pear Deck

Class lectures can be extremely boring. It’s not only students who find it hard to concentrate during lengthy class lectures but even teachers might find it hard to control uninterested students busy texting on their mobile phones or playing candy crush; and then there are those who simply enjoy lucid dreaming! Pear Deck is an …

Conduct Polls With Live Comments Using PowerPoint With Participoll Pro

Previously we reviewed the Participoll add-in for PowerPoint which provides a range of handy options for conducting polls during Live presentations. While the basic version of Participoll enables conducting unlimited polls without any voting limits, the Pro version has some killer features that can make your presentations all the more interactive. Q&A And Polling Platform for Meetings, Presentations & Events

Audience engagement is difficult, especially when people are more interested in their mobile phones than your presentation. Hence, it might not be a bad idea to make your audience reach for their phones! (also known as Slido) is a web service which provides an audience engagement platform by allowing you to post polls, receive questions …

Create Live Polls For Prezi Presentations With is a web service which offers presenters with some very handy options for conducting live polls during presentations. We previously brought you a collection of tools for conducting Live polls during presentations, however, what makes stand out from the rest is that it enables inserting polls right within Prezi presentations.

Mentimeter: A Free Audience Response System

The best way to make your audience interact with you during a presentation is to use polls. A good audience response system can help you instantly gather feedback before, during or after a presentation and may even help you determine the mood of the audience when delivering your presentation. This might help adjust the topic …

Embed Polls in PowerPoint With IQPolls Audience Response System

Many presenters are unaware of various audience response systems which can help them conduct polls before, during and after presentations to instantly gather audience feedback. In a previous post we covered a number of such handy web apps and tools by presenting a list of the Best Tools for Conducting Polls During Live Presentations.

Best Tools For Conducting Polls During Live Presentations

Nothing makes a presentation more interesting for an audience than to engage them in the discussion about the topic being discussed.  One of the best ways to engage an audience is to conduct Live polls to acquire feedback. There are multiple methods of conducting polls during presentations, ranging from use of free services to the …

Participoll Add-in: Easy To Use Audience Response System For PowerPoint

When it comes to conducting polls during Live presentations the options are many. However, what method or service you might choose will depend upon multiple factors, including your preferred and required mode of gathering audience feedback, as well as your budget.

Efficiently Record Audience Responses With Triton Data Collection System

Data collection systems for audience response are of two types, one a digital medium to record and interpret data and the prehistoric method of collecting information on paper. But even digital systems and apps which offer data collection can be a bit difficult to implement. In previous posts we provided you with reviews of different …