Simple Sport Templates for Microsoft Excel 2013

If you wanted to plan your fitness or gym activities then you can use these sports and fitness templates for Excel 2013 and why not convert them to PowerPoint.

sport templates excel

Running Log Template for Excel 2013

For example, if you are training for a marathon or running for health purposes, then you can keep your running log and pace in the Excel spreadsheet using this nice running log Excel template Download from here.

fitness excel template

All these templates are macro-enabled, which means that you need to authorize to run the macros as soon as you download the Excel templates to your computer.

Fitness Plan Template for Excel 2013

Fitness plan template is another nice Excel template that can be useful for sports enthusiasts and fitness purposes where you can keep control about your fitness goals and objectives as well as the progress. You can record the warm up log as well as strength and cardio or cool down activities.

excel templates

Download from here

Weight Loss Tracking Template for Excel 2013

Instead, if you want to lose weight then you can use this weight loss tracking template for Excel which helps you to track all your weight loss activities and goals.

excel weight loss tracking template 2013

Download from here

All these templates above are just free samples of Excel 2013 templates that you can use to keep all your sport activity recorded in a spreadsheet. You can also open these templates in Excel 2010 since backward compatibility is supported.

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