Desktop Price Comparison Template For Access

Whether you’re in computer retail or simply a hobbyist or a specialist, you can find the Desktop Price Comparison Template for Microsoft Access a wonderful tool to help you store various desktop computer data across many retail stores and brands. 


This template is suitable as business database and for personal use as well. You can create a database for almost anything you want and compare prices in real time against past prices.

This comprehensive Access template contains tables, forms, macros, reports and queries that help you neatly organize and store information, as well as retrieve them for reference.


This Desktop Price Comparison Template for Access lets you create a price comparison and description database for desktop computers. This Access Template can also be used for other products, like mobile phones and other gadgets, as well as any other goods with prices that you need to monitor and analyze. This database template makes it easy for you to analyze price movements and find out how new products come into the market and how their prices change over time.


This free Access template contains a library of Tables, such as Categories, Find Products, Historical Prices, Prices, Products, Searches, Stores. For Queries, you can compare current and past (historical) prices, as well as store prices. The Forms on the other hand, make it easier for you to log in or store information.

This Microsoft Access database template is compatible with Access 2013 and earlier versions.

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