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When it comes to PowerPoint presentations, no one wants slide after slide of dull blocks of text and intimidating numbers. It’s all about telling a story when it comes to presentations. Your slides must not only inform, but also impart an enriching and inspiring experience for your audience. And nothing else can help you achieve this than the use of high quality images in PowerPoint.

When it comes to PowerPoint slides, it’s easy to come out as boring and uninspiring. This is why PowerPoint presentations, talks, and seminars are associated with being tedious, boring, time consuming, and counter-productive. However, you can change all those perceptions with your own presentations with the help of this amazing new add-in: YAY Images.

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YAY Images for Making Your Audience Say “Yay!”

Powerful PowerPoint presentations require that perfect balance between powerful images and compelling, clear text. You can achieve this in your own presentations, thanks to PowerPoint’s new add-in feature: YAY Images.

YAY Images is a new PowerPoint plug-in that allows you to instantly search for high-quality images right from within PowerPoint. This means you don’t have to toggle through other applications and tabs to pull up your search engine and search for your desired images there. This allows you to save quite a lot of precious time while making your workflow more efficient.

YAY Images offers a big and diverse repository of beautiful, professional, and high-quality stock images for use in your next PowerPoint presentation. Whatever topic you may have, whether for work, school or home use, YAY Images has the right snaps for it.

By using YAY Images on your slides with the help of this new, useful add-in, you can definitely create an instant connection with your audience, giving them a deck that they will definitely remember, learn from, and be inspired by.

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Download Free YAY Images Add-In for PowerPoint Today

Not only does the YAY Images add-in allow you to quickly and easily take high-quality stock images from the web to your slides, you can take advantage of so many more features too.

The add-in can be downloaded from the Office portal or from the YAY Images website for free. By doing so, you also have the added capability to have automatic previews of your chosen images right into the slide you’re working on. This allows you to quickly see just how your slides will look like and if the image you’ve chosen effectively matches your message as well as the rest of the slideshow.

If, for example, you don’t like the chosen image, using the add-in, you can easily change the image to another. You take advantage of the wide range of stock images right within the YAY Images collection.

Best of all, you can sort through the millions of stock photos using keywords or browse through categories and tags to narrow down your search and find the perfect picture that best represents your message or idea.

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Easily Create Powerful Slides with the Perfect Images

Upon downloading the add-in, you can now have a YAY Images pane under Format, which is under Picture Tools, which populates when you click on the picture icon on your slide.

In the YAY Images pane, you can search for the images you need in the search bar. Then you can choose if your desired image should have no person in the image, or if you need one, two, or a group of people. The add-in will then tailor its search based on what you want. You can see the results right on the PowerPoint YAY Images pane, where you can click on the images you like and try them out on the slide. Furthermore, the pane features a text based search feature that allows you to mark the area where you want the text to appear on the image. This allows the search feature to show results with uncluttered space exactly where you want your text to be.

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The YAY Images add-in is compatible with PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 or later, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac and PC or later, and PowerPoint Online.

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