Make Online Presentations with YouTube Videos & PowerPoint Slides with Zentation

For speakers and professionals who rely┬áheavily on slideshows to present information, you may want to consider giving the slides a break. Or at least mix it in with some seamless video to spruce things up. If you think this can be difficult, then perhaps you still haven’t heard of Zentation. This is a web service which allows making online presentations with YouTube videos and PowerPoint slides.

Present Videos and Slides

What is Zentation?

Imagine YouTube and PowerPoint getting married. Their baby would be Zentation, or at least that’s what the developers say. And it’s quite an accurate description, as this service allows you to easily create a presentation that is actually a combination of video and slides, something that you don’t see much often in the boardroom or in conferences.

For a professional presenter or just someone who needs to create a good impression on your next deck, you may want to consider using Zentation. It can help you become more creative with your presentation as well as do something that is not really commonly done–mixing slides and videos in one presentation. In fact, Zentation has a patent pending on their technology.

With Zentation, you can mash up both PowerPoint presentations and YouTube in one seamless package, thanks to Zentation’s “ZenSync” tool. First, you have to upload your video to YouTube or Google Video, then go to the Zentation portal to log-in. Here, you have to copy and paste the link to your video. Then, start uploading your PowerPoint file. Now, the ZenSync tool will do the work of combining video and slides together, creating precise timings for every graphic and element in your presentation to match with the video for a seamless experience.

The result is a richer experience for the audience and a much more dynamic presentation that gets things done for you. This means you deliver your message clearly, more effectively, and in definitely less time and fewer slides.

Supplement Videos with Text

Zentation Seamlessly Synchronizes Video and Slides

With Zentation’s patent-pending technology, you can merge slides and videos in one synchronized package–and you don’t even have to have the technical skills required. You don’t have to learn graphic design and video editing or even touch video editing software.

With ZenSync technology, you can just upload your video via video clients YouTube or Google Drive, then upload your presentation in the Zentation portal after copying the video link–and everything else will be taken care of.

Choose Many Options with Zentation

Zentation is free for presentations that are publicly shared. However, private presentations require you to avail of their premium package, which also includes a number of other features.

Zentation is perfect for business, which allows you to merge video and slides in training presentations, as well as for financial reports or for marketing purposes. Zentation is also perfect for the academic setting, making teaching in the classroom so much more dynamic and vibrant, in order to hold the attention of students of any age.

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