Create Flashcards in Excel with Flash Card Assistant

When it comes to learning and games, nothing can still beat flash cards. This is why people of all ages still use flash cards to help them study and memorize. From quizzes to exams, and even when it comes to speeches, flash cards can help you out. Fortunately, there is an Excel add-in that combines the time-tested flash cards with today’s technology, Flash Card Assistant.

Flash Card-Assistant

Easily Create Flash Cards in Excel

Flash Card Assistant is an easy way to create and display flash cards with the help of Excel. A free add-in, the Flash Card Assistant can help you construct and display flash cards for studying and memorization.

This add-in will use Excel to display your flash cards. You can type in questions that it will display in one column and the corresponding answer for each question will be displayed next to it, in another column. Once you have it installed, when you open Excel, the add-in will also be available.

Flashcard Assistant for Studying and Reviewing

Create Amazing Flash Cards for Work or School

With this Flash Card Assistant add-in for Excel, you can do flash cards however you like. You can go the traditional route and display questions, and then answers next. You can also do it differently, by displaying the answer first, and then the question next. Similarly, you can also show your questions in different font sizes, make it bold or in italics, or change the paragraph alignment. You can also show only the questions in the rows you have set.

You can also create as many questions as you like and display them either in order or randomly. You can also mark the questions and answers that are already revealed so that they will not show in the flash card session. This add-in is a great tool for reviewing and it allows you to have the freedom to review or memorize items however you want. While still using the traditional method of flash cards, you still give it a modern twist, as you can modify, view, save, and display your flash card files in Excel in any device you’re using, as long as you’re logged into Office.

Create Flashcards in Office Excel

Slideshow Format for Displaying Flash Cards

You can display it as a slideshow and have the questions and answers shown one by one. You can do this as a quiz to break the ice in a classroom setting. Or if you’re training new employees, a flash card format like this can be very helpful as well.

Start the Quiz Using Flashcard Assistant

Because of Excel’s new features, you can install an add-in one time in one device and then have Excel with the same credentials in another device and still have all your add-ins along. This makes working so much easier and you extend Excel’s functionality with many useful add-ins.

Best of all, this flash card add-in is free, without any obligations, so you can use it for as long as you want.

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