Remotely Access And Share Your Files From Any Device Using TappIn

Tired of having to continually email pictures, videos and documents? Why not share them via the cloud? TappIn is a web service which makes it possible to share your files with other users in a secure and convenient way. It has multiple applications for desktop and mobile platforms, with the option to listen to music, as well as to access and share files online, along with Salesforce integration.

TappIn provides the utility to avoid synchronizing your files across multiple devices. Instead, it offers the option to to share and access your files remotely, within a secure file sharing environment using your computers, corporate server or via TappIn (including videos, pictures, music and MS Office files such as MS Word or PowerPoint files). Hence, with TappIn you can access your files and stream media files (e.g. audio files) by remotely accessing them using a web browser, Android, iOS or desktop operating system. Furthermore, TappIn eliminates the need for having to add files to Sync folders and downloading them on numerous devices.


To get started, simply login to your TappIn account using a desktop or mobile application and you’re good to access, share or download your documents from connected devices. The below screenshot shows TappIn running on an Android device.

TappIn Android App

Similarly, you can use the web browser or a TappIn app from any of the supported platforms to access, rename, delete and download your documents anytime, anywhere.

TappIn Browser View

TappIn has two packages including the Standard and Professional edition. The Standard edition costs $19.99 per year and provides connectivity with unlimited number of devices, the option to share photos with friends or on Facebook, the utility to stream and share music on smartphones, as well as no banner ads or cloud storage fee. On the contrary, the Professional edition costs $39.99 and comes with additional features such as Salesforce integration and the option to manage selected accounts as groups. You can also download and use TappIn on a 30 day trial basis. TappIn has applications for the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Android (including Kindle Fire)
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Windows Phone

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