Prezi Vs Ahead

Prezi is an application that lets you create beautiful presentations online using the zoom technique. It doesn’t use normal slide shows: Images are putten in a visual map, where you can make zoom and arranged in different frames. The user can decide the order of his presentation with an easy and simple configuration. Files can be downloaded from the web for offline presentations. Prezi is totally free, and offers special membership if you want to share and download many presentations.

prezi logo

In the other hand, Ahead is a very powerful option and it is considered to be the future in this kind of works. Ahead lets you share and create lots of content, but needs and internet connection to do it. It offers a bigger variety of formats and letters than Prezi, but many people noticed that it is difficult to use.

Anyway, Prezi and Ahead are very important tools who can impress your audiences with very interesting and fluid presentations, but they are completely dominated by Microsoft PowerPoint. If you’re tired of the normal presentations and you want a totally different slide show with more dynamism and simplicity, use Prezi or Ahead.

The drawback is that both requires Flash to work, however nowadays you can find lot of free PowerPoint players online as well as HTML5 presentations, which turns into a convenient way to create presentations for modern web browsers.

However your audience will appreciate it, and your presentation will be more original and surprising than the rest.