PowerPoint Games by Anthony Barfield

Anthony Barfield is a game creator who keep a very high standard for quality, game play aspects and Game Design Document and storyline. He has been contributing his work to a well known website for PowerPoint tutorials and resources PowerPoint Heaven, by utilizing PowerPoint 2007. You can free download Anthony’s PowerPoint Games from PowerPoint Heaven in order to enjoy his games but also to learn more about how to make games in PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint Games

It is recommended to enable Use Hardware Graphics Acceleration in order to get better quality and performance. In order to do this in PowerPoint you need to click Slide Show -> Set Up Show and then check “Use Hardware Graphics Acceleration”. There are other titles from Anthony games for example Pixels Neon 3 that you can also download for free.

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Once you start the slideshow, you’d be asked to accept the Security Alert. You can enable external content for this session in order to play the game. At any time you want to close the presentation (that is opened in full screen mode or kiosk mode) you need to move your mouse on the top left corner.

Learn more inĀ http://pptheaven.mvps.org/anthony.html