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English as a Second Language PowerPoint ESL

Recently PowerPoint began to spread to schools and ESL classrooms, although PowerPoint existed for long time ago. But there is a clear reason why this delay happened to make accessible PowerPoint for teachers, schools and ESL classrooms and clearly it is due because PowerPoint and computer software for presentations also requires technology and some costs are involved in hardware, too. Some equipment  may be expensive for some small-sized schools with no budget.

PowerPoint for ESL

But with advances of mobile technology nowadays teachers can also perform nice presentations using their pocket smartphone or tablets connected to a projector, and usually they also carry a laptop or computer that can connect to the projectors. The new trends to upload presentations online and share online makes it possible and accessible to anyone who need to access a PPT online for eLearning but also for businesses or other purposes.

What is ESL?

English as a second language (ESL) or also known as foreign language, is the use of English by speakers with different native languages.

Using PowerPoint for ESL Courses for all levels

PowerPoint is one of the most popular presentation software nowadays used for ESL and in the classroom. It also runs in Mac and Windows PC which makes it convenient for any user using these OS. It is also common to email .ppt files just as “PPT” as email attachments and some other online services like Gmail or Hotmail online lets you open PowerPoint on the fly, which is also a benefit of using this format against other new but trendy solutions like Prezi or Keynote.

PowerPoint presentations can be used in many ways in the ESL classroom as well as in other classrooms and different subject areas of interest. Presentations can be used for initial teaching, for practice and drilling, for games in the classroom or games via a Zoom meeting, to describe polls and reviews, and for test purposes.

For example, if you need to make a PowerPoint for the initial teacher then PowerPoint can be used to teach new ideas and concepts to students. The teacher must anticipate areas of misunderstanding and difficulty. Once the teacher knows the troubles, which the students will face, he or she can create or adapt a presentation for the students. The presentation must be clear and uncluttered to accomplish this goal. This type of presentation is difficult to prepare, but it can be done. Once an initial teaching presentation is prepared, it can be saved and used again and again, and it can be shared with others.

PowerPoints can also be used for reviewing new ideas. After the students have learned and practiced something, it is good to see a presentation, but it could also be useful to see a presentation in advance about what they expect and organize some ESL activities and lessons.

In the school, teachers can also use PowerPoint for tests, and this kind of PowerPoint presentations can be enhanced with timing options, for example if you automate the paragraphs and bullet points to display one under the other. You can enter questions and give a few seconds for students to answer before showing the next bullet point with the answer. This can be also good for Q&A PowerPoint presentations. The students then write down the name of each item and for example use tests PowerPoint presentations to learn and test vocabulary or use this in English second language courses or other ESL classroom topics.

There are many great websites where a teacher can download PowerPoint presentations, but if you are looking PowerPoint templates for elementary school children or even for ESL students, then in this website you can find a lot of free PPT templates for students to be used in the classroom. As you become more familiar with PowerPoint you can then use Google or any other search engine to find PowerPoint templates and presentations for a given topic, for example, if you need to find English PowerPoint templates or ESL PowerPoint templates in a search engine you may get lot of different results. You can also try other different search keywords for example ESL PPT Template or other such variations.

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