What Are Presentation Games and How Can You Use Them Effectively?

What Are Presentation Games and How Can You Use Them Effectively?

The days of developing and presenting boring presentations are gone when you used to make long and stuffy presentations with no excitement or creative touch at all. People in the modern business landscape are prone to diversions, and distractions owing to an ever-increasing inflow of the latest means of entertainment and media channels. Especially during business activities and virtual team meetings, it becomes hard for the host to grab the interest of the audience all the way until the end of the presentation. 

So what should you do in order to make your presentations more interesting, engaging, and productive as well? Is there an alternative to boring and hectic presentations? One of the best ways to resolve this are presentation games which have been quite popular among business professionals for the last few years. You may use Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, or Canva Presentation Slides for developing your presentations. But, being the most widely used (with over 500 Million active users) and an easy to handle software application, PowerPoint is always the top priority of professional presenters worldwide. 

But how to make a game in a PowerPoint presentation? What are the available games to play in presentations? This article will cover the ideas about gaming options available to presenters and how they can make interactive PowerPoint games themselves by following proper steps.

What are Presentation Games?

Presentation games are such types of presentations in which a user can actively participate and receive results instantly. The users can make their own choices according to their desires and enjoy interactive animations, puzzles, mystery questions, and much more. Imagine playing games such as escape rooms, The Einstein Intelligence Quiz, Murder Mistery and other Critical Thinking Games directly in PowerPoint.

How can they make a difference for you?

Being able to grab the focus and attention of the audience is one of the greatest accomplishments of any presenter. After getting the attention of the listeners, the speaker can effectively convey his ideas, concepts, and messages and generate productive results. With presentation games (or game presentations), you can leverage a non-conventional but enticing way to grab the interest of the audience. 

The working tensions of the employees and colleagues in the physical and virtual business meetings can be eradicated by using a fun way to conduct the proceedings of the everyday work. This also helps to improve the work environment. The cognitive capacity of the professionals also gets boosted making them more capable to perform their everyday work duties efficiently. Hence, developing and using presentation games is a win-win strategy for the business to make their businesses ever-dynamic and ever-vibrant. But what type of possible presentation games can be used during varying professional settings? Here are some ideas to develop your next innovative and engaging presentation game.

Innovative Ideas for Developing Engaging Presentation Games

With a professional Software application like PowerPoint, the presentation games that can be possibly created are limitless. You just need to be creative enough to utilize the various tools provided in the toolkit of the software to develop interesting and fascinating presentation games for work. Here are some interactive presentation game ideas for you to work on.

Choosing the correct thing

This type of game involves different objects and items that need to be picked from a picture in order to fulfill the given requirements. For example, a project manager can develop a presentation game in which he asks about choosing the various components that are required to manufacture a product in an ordered way. In which, the manufacturing of product development plans can be visualized effectively by giving a fun touch with the help of a game.

Virtual Quests

Here a user can go on a journey to find a way to get out of a situation. You may plot your shoreline by imagining a house comprising many rooms. A person needs to move from one room to another in order to complete the quest. The slides in the PowerPoint presentation can act as the rooms in which a user may find himself. A player would always have to ensure the best possible usage of the available resources in the room to complete every step of the quest. This type of activity will boost the creativity of the employees and will make them think out of the box. 

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Quiz based games

You can develop quiz-type slides with interesting information about your company to inform and enlighten the newly hired employees. You can also make sure that the complex but important information and data gets conveyed to your team members by using these types of presentation games. The level of knowledge of different individuals can be effectively determined and they can be motivated to stay more updated and informed regarding relevant business dynamics.

Hidden Objects to find

You can also engage your audience by using graphic-rich and colorful presentation slides full of visuals for the audience to find hidden objects in them. These hidden objects can be anything from a pencil to a thermometer, depending upon the given scenario. Such a type of game is helpful in removing the boredom of the attendees during the relatively longer conferences and meetings and maintaining their interest during the presentations.

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Memory Games

Memory games are also another way to keep the audience attentive and make them participate during the presentation. You can use animations and transitions in order to make certain objects disappear during the presentation of PowerPoint Slides. These types of activities are specifically helpful in virtual business meetings where remote attendees are needed to be kept engaged during the proceeding of the meeting.

Actionable Tips for Creating Animation and Other Gaming Effects in PowerPoint Presentation Games

Once you have chosen the idea around which you want to develop your presentation game, the next process becomes relatively easy. Here are a few actionable tips for developing engaging presentation games for your professional activities.

Use professional templates

Using the professional templates for your presentation game makes the process much convenient and easy to handle. These templates contain in-built visuals, graphics, animations, and other elements in their slides that allow the users to choose the existing design or items by changing or adding more elements in the PowerPoint Template. Here you get thousands of premade, beautifully crafted pre-made PowerPoint templates totally free of cost. After choosing the right template for your needs, the process of developing presentation games becomes more fun.

Don’t overload your slides

There must remain a balance between the applied animation and transition effects and desired results. By ensuring that not a single slide gets overloaded with excessive animation activities, you will be able to get a more interesting and easy to handle presentation game for any of your desired activities. There must remain a standardized gap between gamification and the business goals of your presentation. Also, keep in mind that sometimes less is more. This applies to the use of graphics and good visuals in your presentations. Similarly, the KISS concept is also useful when defining the content  and graphics of your slides.

Leverage Triggers

To impart a realistic gaming touch to your presentation, you can use triggers. Triggers are elements, when clicking on them you can get different sound, text, video, image, or block effects on your presentation slides. By managing the triggers in sequence, you can make sure that your audience enjoys a real gaming experience during your presentation. To maximize the feedback from the audience and offer maximum dynamics, triggers can play a very influential role.


Presentation games are developed for the purpose of getting the maximum attention of the audience during the presentation activities. Based on different themes and ideas, varying presentation games can be developed for different purposes. The main objective is to keep the listeners attentive and avoid boredom during longer physical and virtual business proceedings. The working tensions of the employees can be efficiently released and their innovative instincts can be aroused by using properly formatted presentation games. This way of stimulating the interest and focus of the audience is equally beneficial for both the companies and their stakeholders.

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