How to Add Music to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

In this Hi-tech world everything is being influenced by advancements. So, is our presentations, gone are the days of throwing dry words from the stage. Today, in preparing presentations you need to put a lot of hard work and efforts to make it attractive and interesting.

Merely inserting information is not sufficient here, to remain ahead of others you need to be very active and alert by knowing the demand and need of your audience.

For being a successful orator or presenter you have to give what your audience want. You can take it as secret of success for becoming successful presenter. Fortunately, we all have an effective tool for creating powerful presentation that is Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, by using it properly you can take utmost benefit from this.

Do you know, what can make our presentation unique and best?

Well, merely typing text on slides is nothing until not backed up by special effects and animations. Numerous exciting advanced features are provided in PowerPoint like add files, media, music.

Hopefully, you all may be familiar with ways of using features of PowerPoint like animation, designing slides,etc. But still there are some versatile features that must be known to everyone so that fascinating look could be provided to your presentation. For instance, adding music to slide.

Here we are discussing some steps to insert music to PowerPoint Presentation.

  1. Select a slide from slides displayed on left side, where you want to add music.
  2. After selecting slide, click on ‘Insert’ tab and then select ‘sound’ option available in ‘Media’ clip available on right side of screen.
  3. Select a source of file from where you want to select music for your slide. You can choose ‘Sound from clip organizer’ . If you have a selected music file on your PC or laptop, you want to add or insert into your PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Browse music file you want to add to your presentation from your computer or from your desired location.
  5. Double-click on the file you want to insert and now the music has been inserted into your PowerPoint slide.

So, this was all about how to insert music into your PowerPoint presentation. By following these points you can make your presentation interesting and attractive.

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