OmniGraffle: Powerful Diagramming App For Mac And iPad

If you are a Mac or iPad user who requires creating diagrams, then one of the best applications that you can use is OmniGraffle. With OmniGraffle you can create amazing diagrams for tasks, activities, processes and even basic posters. What makes this app stand out from the rest is its adaptability to help you produce anything from complex diagrams to basic posters for something as basic as a yard sale. In fact, OmniGraffle can be deemed as the Visio for Mac or iPad, with the option to create layered diagrams.

OmniGraffle  for mac and iPad

Create Diagrams, Drawings, Mockups, Wireframes And Banners

OmniGraffle can be used as a diagram, banner or logo maker, a mind mapping tool, a drawing app or even for making wireframes, mockups and mind maps. The app helps the end user to create superior documents with the help of lines connected to shapes and stencils, filled with useful objects. You can drag items from the stencil library to add objects to the canvas.

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OmniGraffle Diagram

Support For Multi-Touch Gestures

OmniGraffle supports multi-touch gestures to help you draw shapes, drag and drop objects to your drawing board and to stylize your content. In case you find the app to be a bit confusing, you can use Smart guides help to organize your diagrams and make use of automatic layouts which provides shortcuts for appropriate diagram layouts.

OmniGraffle Support For Multi-Touch Gestures

Auto-Save And Cross Device Synchronization

The auto save feature of this app ensures that your changes are saved automatically as you work. Additionally, OmniPresence feature also ensures that your documents are automatically synchronized between your Mac and iPad device to help you continue working even when you’re on the go.


Make Good Use Of Retina Display in Full Screen Mode

OmniGraffle can be used in full screen mode, which ensures that you can fully benefit from the enhanced retina display that comes with modern apple devices.

Retina Display With OmniGraffle

Export Canvas To PhotoShop With Layers Intact

OmniGraffle provides the utility to share layers across your canvases in just a single click. Moreover, you can also export your document to PhotoShop, with all your layers intact.

Export OmniGraffle Canvas To PhotoShop With Layers Intact

Save Documents in Multiple Output Formats

OmniGraffle supports multiple formats for saving your documents. The supported formats include PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PDF, HTML, SVG, Visio XML, PICT Vector and others. This ensures that you are able to flexibly save your diagrams, wireframes, drawings and banners in PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, a website or blog, as a standalone image or PDF document. Furthermore, you can also further edit or integrate your diagrams with other types of content by editing it in applications like Visio, PhotoShop and other types of professional applications.

Save OmniGraffle Documents in Multiple Output Formats

You can download OmniGraffle for Mac and iPad either from the app store or via the developer’s website (link given below). OmniGraffle is compatible with the following:

  • Mac OS X (10.8 or higher)
  • iPad (Running iOS 6.0 or higher)

Go to Download OmniGraffle

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