Layered Diagram

Animated Stacked Circle Diagram For PowerPoint

If you have ever had to create a presentation with a stacked diagram, the chances are, you didn’t animate your diagram. The problem with a static stacked diagram is that the various layers in the diagram can be hard to explain to an audience, especially without confusing them.

OmniGraffle: Powerful Diagramming App For Mac And iPad

If you are a Mac or iPad user who requires creating diagrams, then one of the best applications that you can use is OmniGraffle. With OmniGraffle you can create amazing diagrams for tasks, activities, processes and even basic posters. What makes this app stand out from the rest is its adaptability to help you produce …

Making a Layer Diagram in PowerPoint 2010

There are different ways to represent a layer diagram in PowerPoint, however using shapes is an easy way to add this kind of diagrams. You can use layered diagrams to compare different products or services and a way to represent this kind of diagrams can be using a stack of elements or PowerPoint graphics. For …