Free Music & Sound Clips for PowerPoint Presentations

Finding a good music theme or sound for your PowerPoint slides can be a difficult task if we don’t know where to start searching. Fortunately Google and Bing can do a great work for us, but if we need to find a sound theme or music loop easily for PowerPoint, the following free and paid resources can be very useful.

Music loops from ambiences and background sounds

Ambiences background music from freeSFX has a lot of free ambience music theme sound effects that you can download for free. The list include music themes available as free WAV or MP3 music files from ambience including topics like Whitehall With Big Ben Chiming In Background, Trafalgar Square in London, Bar, Small Busy with R&B Music in Background. You can also find urban sounds from popular airports and departure launge or kids playing in a park. All these sounds can be used in any general PowerPoint presentation template for example if you are creating elearning PowerPoint templates or slides. Go to Ambiences Background Sounds

Ambient sound effects from SoundJay

Ambient sound effects contains a list of free sound effects and loops for your presentations. You can download the ambient sound effects for any presentation need including sounds from airport gates and kids playing. There are also river sounds and spring weather sound effects. Go to SoundJay Ambient Sounds

Communication Sound effects from SoundJay

This list of free sound effects contains communication sound effects and music loops for PowerPoint presentations like computer keyboard as well as network connection sound effect or the old modem sound effect or writing signature sound effect. Go to SoundJay Communication Sounds

Construction and transport sound effect from FreeSFX

The list of sound effects available for construction sound loops contains many different construction and building sound effects that you can use to decorate your civil engineering PowerPoint templates or other construction PowerPoint. Go to FreeSFX Construction and Transport Sound

You can also insert a background music loop into a PowerPoint presentation or download FREE Sound Effects for PowerPoint.