Monthly Bank Reconciliation Template For Excel

At times, it is important to update and show your bank transactions to see if it matches your own accounting records. This is why bank reconciliations are important. A bank reconciliation is done to show a difference in the bank’s balance compared to an organization’s financial statements. To help you keep track of your bank statements and reconcile them with your company’s or personal accounting records, we have just the template for you.

Professionally Designed Template for Bank Reconciliation

The Monthly Bank Reconciliation Template for Excel is a beautiful, minimalist yet colorful spreadsheet template that can help you determine any changes made in your bank statement against your current account records. At times, changes or differences occur because checks issued by your company may not be presented to the bank yet. Another reason for discrepancies include charges made by the bank to the company, which were not yet reflected in the accounting records.

Having a Monthly Bank Account Reconciliation Template as another financial reporting tool will also allow you to keep see if there are any computation errors made by the bank or your accounting, which at times may be unavoidable. This measure ensures that your records are correct, accurate and updated.

Built-In Formula Designed for Bank Reconciliation

This Excel 2013 template features clean layouts and tables to clearly show your bank transactions in terms of deposits and withdrawals. These transactions show in two separate and color-coded tables.

The deposits table show the deposit number, data, amount, description. It also allows you to indicate if each transaction has been reconciled. Meanwhile, the withdrawals table show the type of transaction (ATM, debit, or check with check number), date, amount, purpose, and the transaction has also been reconciled. Each of the tables automatically total the amounts so you are sure you get accurate and correct figures.

Another remarkable feature of this template can be seen on the header portion of the worksheet. The header shows the month, previous balance, total deposits, year, ending balance, and total withdrawals. This is designed to easily allow you to view your monthly reconciliation summary even without going over all the details in the tables.

Embed the Table in Financial Reports and Presentations

Because of the beautiful and professional design of this template, you can embed this into your other reports, such as in Word or PowerPoint.


The above template is no longer available. You can download an alternative Bank Reconciliation template via the link given below.

Go to Download Bank Reconciliation Template for Excel (Alternative Template)

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  1. why advertise the first template on this page “Monthly Bank Reconciliation Tool” if it’s no longer available? Isn’t that kind of misleading?

    1. Hi Brad.
      I am sorry, there is no a purpose of misleading by reviewing the Monthly Bank Reconciliation Tool. However, seems that Microsoft Office template gallery changed all its links suddenly and the old link is no longer available. We will try to find an alternative Excel Template for you.

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