Statement Of Change in Equity Template For Excel

A Statement of Change in Equity is a financial statement that shows the changes in the share owner’s equity over a specific accounting period. These changes may be the result of shareholders’ transactions such as new shares and dividend payments. They may also be due to changes in income, such as net income for the given accounting period or revaluation of fixed assets, to name a few. 

Professional Looking Statement of Change in Equity

You can create such a financial statement for your corporation, which may be time consuming. To make things easier, you can use this Statement of Change in Equity Template for Excel that will allow you to create professional-looking accounting reports with accurate data.

This Statement of Change in Equity Template for Excel is a professionally designed template that you can easily use for your corporation even if you only have basic accounting knowledge and are a beginner-level Excel user. The template is very user-friendly and easy to complete so you will have your financial statement or report within minutes.

Embed in Reports and Presentations

The template features a single worksheet tab that contains a table of the statement itself. The table is divided into columns: Preferred Stock, Common Stock, Additional Paid-In Capital, Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit), and Total. The rows, meanwhile, show the Beginning Balance, Issuance of Stock, Net Income (or Net Loss), and Dividends. The template also allows you to add more items in the statement.

To make things easier, each of the rows in the Statement of Change in Equity table have built-in formatting to show currency. In addition, the totals are also automatically calculated with the help of the formula that come with the template.

Make Use of Built-In Formula to Get Accurate Results

If you want to create an annual report to update your shareowners, or if you want to create a letter to shareholders, this template is perfect. You can embed this template in financial reports or in PowerPoint presentations.

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