Mathematical Table PowerPoint Template

For anyone who is having a hard time with math, especially with multiplication, there are many tips and tricks to improve your mathematical solving skills. One of the most used and time-tested tool used is the mathematical table, or multiplication table. Many, from young grade school students to even grownups themselves, still rely on mathematical tables to help them not only in school or work, but in everyday life.


Mathematical tables teach about the fundamentals of multiplication and show you a pattern in how numbers are multiplied together. It is also a great way to train your memory. Therefore, if you want to have a handy mathematical table that you want to whip out any time for yourself or for others, you can use this Mathematical Table PowerPoint Template.

This Mathematical Table PowerPoint Template is free, and therefore would not cost you a thing if you want a handy and reliable multiplication reference. This table contains a single, professionally designed slide that contains the mathematical table over a beautiful illustrated background of a school.

Be a Math Whiz in a Breeze

The template looks artistic and fun, which makes it great for students and teachers to use. The mathematical table itself is clear and organized in a way that makes it such a reliable reference for everyone. The mathematical table has a row and a column, each going from 0 to 12. With 64 squares in total.


These cells all have specific purpose, and easily show you a pattern, making it easy for you to remember or even memorize them. Having this table handy will also allow you to study and be more acquainted with mathematical tables.

For School and Personal Use

You can upload this to your OneDrive account for easy access and retrieval. You can also go ahead and print this out as easy reference in your office, on your desk, or to bring to school.


You can also easily share this table online with friends, classmates and colleagues. Furthermore, you can include this math table in your educational presentations as a teacher.

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