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Last updated on November 9th, 2023

When it comes to learning math both parents and children often get baffled. While children find it hard to master the art of learning math, the parents can easily get confused as to how they can get their children to take interest in math. Worry not, we have a solution! Math Whizz is an online math tutoring web service that offers an easy way to teach the most annoying mathematical equations to children in the form of fun math games.

Math Whizz

Math Whizz Makes Mathematical Equations Fun Math Games

Math Whizz provides easy to solve interactive equations to children in a manner that can be enjoyable for them. The given equations are presented like interactive PowerPoint quizzes that are used for determining the skill level of the child. The areas in which the child is calculated to be weak is more focused on, so that his/her “Math Age” can be increased.


According to the CEO of Math Whizz, they focus not on the “Learning Age” of the child but the “Math Age”. He also claims that children who have used Math Whizz have experienced a growth in their learning levels by 1.6 percent per year. Before you buy any package offered by Math Whizz you can try out their learning techniques by checking out some given interactive math equations (don’t look for Math Whizz Cheats the equations aren’t all that hard)!

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Suitable For Children From Different Learning Backgrounds

Math Whizz is suitable for children belonging to a diverse range of learning backgrounds, including; Homeschoolers, Special Children, as well as for children who may require before and after school teaching. Even those youngsters who are having trouble with specific mathematical concepts, such as fraction multiplication, will benefit from leveraging additional resources like this. It is better to empower them with knowledge in an entertaining way, rather than leaving them feeling frustrated because standard teaching practices have not been sufficient for them. When trying out Math Whizz you can check out some sample lessons to see how this platform may be suitable for your child. While the children won’t find any Math Whizz Cheats during the lessons, however they are unlikely to need any.

Sample Lesson

Sample Math Lessons For Online Math Tutoring

The below image shows a sample math lessons where a complex mathematical equation is presented in a fun way. The child first has to select a number, then double the number, add 10, divide it by 2 and then subtract 5 from it to get the same number that he/she selected. This lesson is presented in easy steps which makes it quite convenient for the child to learn it. The presentation of the lessons is also quite commendable as they are easy to understand and come with images that are likely to attract children.

Sample Math Lesson

Overview Of Math Whizz Service

To get an overview of the Math Whizz service, see this message from the CEO.

To find out more about Math Whizz, refer to the link given below.

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