How to Make a Burgoyne’s Stakeholder Analysis Template in PowerPoint for Free

Last updated on August 15th, 2023

If you need to make a presentation with a stakeholders analysis then you can use Burgoyne’s model. Burgoyne provided a quantitative method in organizational research and you can model this in a PowerPoint diagram with a table where on the Y axis you can put the level of influence and the reaction to change in the X.

How to Make a Burgoyne's Stakeholder Analysis in PowerPoint 2010 for Free
Stakeholder analysis template in PowerPoint

Senior Managers and leaders can use this template to describe the interrelationship and interest of stakeholders for example, during a change management task or organizational change process. To make this simple stakeholders analysis template in PowerPoint, we used our free table PowerPoint template and edited the table to include the required fields.

You can customize this PPT template for presentations on interventions, conflict management as well as conflict assessment or policy-making presentations in PowerPoint.

Burgoyne's Stakeholder Analysis template
Stakeholder analysis chart using Burgoyne’s approach

You can also use this free Stakeholder analysis template to conduct a stakeholder analysis, including political economy, namely through the notion of how to combine numerous individual preferences by applying cost–benefit analyses. 

Stakeholder analysis is also derived from participatory methods that seek t integrate the interests and perspectives of disadvantaged and less powerful groups. Stakeholders analysis refers to a range of tools for identifying and describing stakeholders based on their attributes, interrelationships, and interests related to a given issue, organization, or resource. It is also used in implementation strategy for e-government, stakeholder analysis, and stakeholder involvement.

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