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Last updated on October 11th, 2023

Marketers require a wide array of tools in their arsenal to gauge customer needs in order to understand how to best market a product for a target market. Over the years, there has been a great variety of tools made available by different marketing-centric companies to help marketers make the most out of their marketing campaigns. We have created an assorted list of some of these essential tools for engaging customers and understanding their needs to help marketers set the right marketing goals.

Tools for Marketing Surveys


SurveyMonkey is a famous marketing tool that provides end-users with actionable insights based on surveys conducted using the platform. Like other survey tools of its kind, SurveyMonkey provides templates for different types of target audience. You can use SurveyMonkey to conduct surveys for customer or employee feedback, market research, benchmarking, etc.


KoBoToolbox is a free data gathering platform that can be used for conducting surveys and analyzing gathered data. It is available for not only marketing and commercial purposes but also has a special version for the humanitarian sector. In fact, it is a tool that is used extensively by field teams around the world. Marketers can make use of the KoBoToolbox by gathering instant data in the most challenging circumstances to understand customer needs.

Tools for Email Marketing


Aweber is a famous email marketing platform with everything you need to set up your campaign and more. Aweber provides handy email templates, marketing automation tools for automating sales processes, third-party integrations, and sign up forms to help you design a marketing campaign that can be engaging enough to make your content clickable.


If you have subscribed for newsletters from a brand, chances are you have at least once received an email that was designed using MailChimp. It is one of the most famous marketing tools, with a plethora of templates to help you design engaging marketing emails. With MailChimp, you can not only design appealing marketing emails but also get actionable insights regarding the result of your campaign and spot aspects that can result in customer engagement to refine your marketing strategy.


Tools to Design Marketing Content


When it comes to designing engaging content, not everyone is a Photoshop pro. For marketers who need to create social media and marketing designs but lack the knowledge to create something compelling, Canva can be a breath of fresh air. Canva provides templates for designing content for social media and marketing, with a library of stock images and design elements to help you quickly create marketing content. Canva templates not only includes social media templates, but also templates for graphic design and even Canva presentation templates.


PowerPoint presentations are an essential part of marketing. Whether you need to create a pitch deck or design a marketing presentation. is a website that provides visually appealing marketing templates for creating engaging presentations. SlideModel provides editable slide elements to help you create and customize marketing presentations to match your branding, layout, and other presentation needs.


Tools for Social Media Marketing


Social media has become a major part of marketing, regardless of what product or service you’re selling. managing multiple accounts and making them click with your customers can be tricky. This is where social media scheduler tools like Hootsuite can be useful. Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social media accounts, plan campaigns, manage events, and optimize your advertising budget to help you make the most out of social media for marketing purposes.


Like Hootsuite, Buffer also provides marketers with the utility of managing multiple social media accounts. You can create engaging marketing campaigns, drive traffic, and boost sales using the various handy tools offered by the platform.

Tools for Communications (Chatbots, Messengers, SMS Messaging and more)


MobileMonkey is the simplest and easiest way to build very complicated, very sophisticated chatbots for Messenger, Instagram, SMS and web chat. It allows users to reach more customers with chatbot marketing, customer support and automation tools for digital agencies, direct-to-consumer businesses, and creators. It includes lots of different features that allow you to build drip campaigns, run chat blasts, and measure audience analytics.


Textmagic is a powerful yet intuitive platform designed to streamline SMS communication for businesses. It facilitates effective and direct engagement with customers through messaging, offering tools for marketing campaigns, customer support, and notifications. With a suite of features such as personalized messages, automation capabilities, and detailed analytics, Textmagic is a go-to solution for businesses looking to harness the immediacy and reach of SMS.

Final Words

The tools in our marketer’s toolbox list can help you generate engaging marketing content to gather customer feedback, create pitch decks, send compelling marketing emails, manage social media accounts to attract leads, and analyze customer responses to better understand how to make your marketing campaign a success.

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