Test Preperation PowerPoint Presentation

Everyone needs to undertake a test at some or the other point in their life; therefore adequate test preparation plays an important role. Just by hearing of a test, students get anxious.

It is rightly said that “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Hence it is advised to start preparing for exams well before their actual schedule.

Coping up with nervousness related to exams

Lack of adequate preparation is amongst one of the common factors of anxiety. PowerPoint is an effective tool that can help you in preparing for a test in advance.

Preparing for a test

Before starting the actual test preparation, you need to be aware about the format of test. Exams are mainly grouped under three categories namely multiple choice, essay type and fill in the blanks. Keep all type of test in mind and proceed with an adequate preparing procedure.

People can retain majority of visual images quickly and easily thereby making PPT method even more effective. You can utilize previously created PowerPoint Presentations containing relevant topics in order to study for tests. There are free resources like SlideOnline, SlideShare and AuthorStream that can help to get PowerPoints from topics you want need to study for online test preparation.

In case you are creating your own presentation, make sure to include following points in it

  1. Enlist all the key points that need to be remembered
  2. Make proper notes containing concept maps focusing on main idea.
  3. Include relevant pictures and data flow diagrams listing comprehensive material.
  4. Once your presentation is ready, share it with your friends. In this way you can revise in a better way as well as get to know about shortcomings or omissions of important topics if any.

Listing some significant advantages linked with preparing through PowerPoint

Assists well in preparation

PowerPoint has proved to be a handy and effective tool in preparing for examination. You can focus well on every topic by going through all the key concepts.

Proper time management

Students can revise all the important points at a single glance. This will help in saving their crucial time in searching all the topics at different locations.

Increases level of performance

While creating a presentation, students go through different topics and material to gather information. This process will enable them to retain better ultimately improving their performance level.

Points to be considered while test taking

As you are fully prepared with the test, you will be confident rather than being nervous at the time of exam.

In a multiple choice type exam, read the question and properly go through all the choices provided. Do not waste time on the questions that are not known, rather proceed further with the section that is well known to you.

After completing your test, return back to the questions that were previously left unsolved.

In essay type exams, start with the section that you are comfortable with. Enlist the main ideas and create a rough outline.

Even if you have prepared well, there are chances that you may not be aware about certain answers. So, do not panic!

Prepare well with the help of PowerPoint, an effective learning tool and give your best shot.