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Featured in The Economist, New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes and Fortune, Nancy Duarte being a communication expert has greatly influenced how people comprehend some of the most prominent entities and brands such as: The World Bank, Google, Apple, TED, Facebook, Twitter and Cisco.

She is an amazing writer and well recognized for her two bestselling books. “Slide: ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations” and “Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences”.

If you are planning to give a presentation, “Resonate” will certainly allow you to make a strong connection with your listeners and you will be able to convey your message with impact, persuasion and passion. With this book, you can actually make your presentation full of meaning and learn how to deliver a presentation like a PRO, by making it more interesting and enjoyable for your audience.

With Resonate, you will be able to learn the craftsmanship of ideas that can easily create enchanting content that your audience will be quite happy to hear. This book actually reveals how to understand your audience and how to convert a presentation into a chartering journey. Whether you are using a platform like PowerPoint or Keynote, what will matter other than the selection of your software is how you fashion your story.

No doubt, with lots of graphs, charts, diagrams, evocative photographs, visuals and an appealing layout this book actually looks physically beautiful. It is actually a great way to make presentations and to leave an emotional affect on your listeners.

The unique thing about Resonate is that it comprises observations from storytelling masters such as: Syd Field, Robert McKee and Joseph Campbell to help you design a presentation as obliging as any Hollywood movie.

By keeping STAR moments in your presentations, you will be able to keep the communication going and so the STAR moment has to be an enlightening, honest and substantial moment during your presentation. There are some different types of STAR moments such as: shocking statistics, emotive storytelling, evocative visuals, repeatable sound bites and memorable dramatization. These may prove to be quite effective and helps your message to reach the audience’s mind and heart.

You can also visit Duarte.com, which offers a lot of top quality services such as: e-courses and training for creating, crafting and planning presentations. Not just this, their workshops will allow you to discover the secrets that the proficient communicators used to express ideas effectively.

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Time has come for you to take action with Resonate and start making presentations that can make a considerable impact on your audiences.

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