Keynotopia Allows Rapidly Creating UI Designs And Application Prototypes

Prototyping templates can be quite handy for developers to speed up the process of creating wireframes, UI designs and prototypes for their applications. In a few previous posts we explained how you can create prototypes in MS PowerPoint with the help of the PowerPoint Prototyping Toolkit and the PowerMockup add-in. Recently, we came across Keynotopia, which offers a wide range of templates for creating prototypes for mobile and desktop applications.

Keynotopia UI templates can be used to design application prototypes in just a matter of minutes. All you have to do is to copy-past numerous interface elements on your slides and change their respective labels to create a prototype. You can even make the interface clickable by adding required hyperlinks. For example, this Windows 8 template can be used to create application prototypes for Windows 8 Metro apps.


Similarly, this Web 2.0 template can be used to create a design for a web app. The templates at Keynotopia are so diverse that you can find designs for any kind of desktop, mobile or web application.

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Keynotopia has a wide range of templates available for download which includes dozens of presentation templates with several of vector UI components and icons that are free of any kind of royalty. These templates have been created in Apple Keynote,Open office and MS PowerPoint. Templates at Keynotopia are completely customizable without any need to use a third-party tool.

It is worth mentioning here that Keynotopia templates are available in the form of paid prototyping bundles. All templates are frequently updated and users are not charged for receiving updates. Once you buy a template bundle, all future updates are delivered for free.

However, considering that you will not have to spend several hours to create your design and can produce application prototypes in a matter of just a few minutes, the cost for available template bundles might be worth it. For example, this may particularly be useful for presenting a design to a client for an application that is not yet complete.

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