Silly-fast mobile prototyping is defined as a silly-fast way to create fully interactive application prototypes for smartphones and tablets.

This online service was launched in 2011 and designed specifically for mobile, enabling the user to simulate everything an app can do. That includes interactive touch gestures, screen transitions and animations.

proto io is specifically tailored for mobile and tablet applications, but the web based environment allows you to start off by creating a project for iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablets. After creating a few screens the user will expect to be able to link pages together and add some sort of interactivity. This is exactly what does. It comes prepackaged with built-in actions that are custom to hand held devices allowing you to simulate interactivity such as clicks, taps, tap & holds as well as swipes. In addition, transitions such as slides, pops, fades and flips are also supported creating a closer resemblance to the real experience through the prototype.

It is perhaps the only mobile prototyping tool that allows users to create realistic, sharable prototypes that work as a real app should and experience their prototype on the actual device. is 100% web based and offer intuitive drag and drop facilities, no coding skills are required. can be used by product developers as well as user experience or UX design experts who need an alternative to other prototyping tools and software like Balzamiq, Pencil or even Microsoft Visio.

Besides user uxperience professionals (UX Design), Interaction Designers, mobile designers, coders, and app enthusiasts, can also be used for presentations on mobile products.

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