Idea Planner Template For Excel For Tasks, Goals And Objectives

Strategic planning can be used in business and even in personal life. Having a plan of your goals, timelines, tasks, ideas and projects allow you to organize your day and direct your actions towards your goal. After all, having a plan for anything gives you a greater chance of accomplishing whatever you planned for.

Have a Plan for Anything Using This Template

The Idea Planner Template for Excel for Tasks, Goals and Objectives can help you focus your energy, time and resources towards your purpose or goal. This will help you organize your tasks, set deadlines or due dates, as well as track your progress through color-coded status indicators.

Plan for Anything and Everything

This template is designed with a colorful yet streamlined theme with a modern touch. It is standard enough to suit many uses and is easily customizable for your own preference and convenience.

This Excel Online Template looks exciting enough to motivate you to start planning anything and everything. Even if it is in spreadsheet, which is a collection of columns and rows, it is designed to look great and you can even include it in your presentations or reports.

The Excel template contains a header, which is made up of Topic, Due Date, Keywords and Name. This header allows you to search and filter through all your tasks, which is convenient if you want to look something from a long list of items in your idea planner.

Color Coded Status Indicator for Tracking Task Progress

And since this idea planner template is designed to make you focus on your Goals and Objectives, this template highlights them. You can type your own specific Objectives and your short-term or long-term goals.

Easily Track Your Progress

Aside from these, there is also a preset table where you can see a list of sample Tasks, Due Dates, Done, Status, and Notes. The sample text gives you an idea on how to complete the table as you customize it for your own plans. A beautiful feature of this table is its color-coded progress indicator.

In the Done column, you can type in the progress of each task as Yes, No or Pending. This is then automatically reflected in the Status column as a check, cross, or exclamation mark, respectively.

Use This Planner Template for Home, School or Work

Aside from this, you can also easily determined which tasks are not started or completed, and which are pending, by looking at the color-coded bars at beside each task.

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