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Valentine’s Day is a day of love and expressing it to your family, friends, or a special someone. At this time, many roses, other flowers, chocolates and jewelry are usually bought and given as gifts as a show of love towards someone. Still, gifts are not the only way to greet someone on this internationally celebrated special day. You can also give heartfelt greetings through cards with handwritten or typewritten messages. 

Classic and Elegant Valentine's Day Greeting Card Template for Word Online

The Valentine Cards Maker Template for Word Online is a stylish and attractive template that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It is perfect for creating a greeting card that you can personalize with your own warm message. You can also change the message depending on your greeting card recipient and you don’t have to break the bank to make someone feel special and loved.

This template is specially designed for Valentine’s Day, with assorted heart shapes that come in different sizes and colors. Its white and red theme is elegant yet whimsical at the same time. Each template contains two Valentine Cards in one standard letter-sized page. The main image is a heart-patterned one with hearts over a red background. The entire background is in white, however, to make your content stand out.

Easily Change the Text in the Template to Customize Your Message

This template is creatively meant for you to give to your spouse or loved one. There is sample text that is also creatively written. If you want to, you can also change the text to suit your own personal message to the Valentine card recipient. You can change your text for every card you print.

This template is very convenient and you can also use this for your company, club, organization, school or class, or personal purposes. You can even customize the sample image for your own company colors or branding. You can also add your own logo, or another suitable Valentine image.

Change the Image Design and Format to Your Own Preference

If you want, you can also insert a photo of you, your spouse, or your family, as a yearly greeting card to your relatives and friends.

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