How to Make a Semicircle in PowerPoint

Last updated on April 29th, 2024

This is a very simple tip on how to make a semicircle shape in PowerPoint. If you look at the list of available shapes in PowerPoint you will notice that there is no semicircle at a glance. But you can create a semicircle shape by using some other geometrical shapes available in PowerPoint.

To make the semicircle shape in PowerPoint (or a half circle PowerPoint diagram) that is shown below we have used a chord shape. But you can also use other shapes like the pie shape. Both shapes don’t show a semicircle at a glance but you can select it and edit the shape by dragging the yellow dot to modify the default shape properties.

The yellow diamond in PowerPoint is the adjustment handle for shapes that lets you change the the curve or thickness of a shape.

PowerPoint semicircle or half circle in PowerPoint presentations

The half-disk for example is useful if we want to make a protractor.

In the first example we have used a pie shape and then moved the yellow dot to make a semicircle. The second example is similar but instead of a pie we have used a chord shape achieve the same result.