How to Make a Branched Arrow in PowerPoint

Last updated on November 14th, 2023

Sometimes you need to branch an arrow in PowerPoint to mark or show an item in the slide. You can do that by using a simple branched arrow in PowerPoint. Moreover, we can design a simple branched arrow shape in PowerPoint that will be helpful to show these items in the slide.

Branched Arrow Shape - Example of Split Arrow in PowerPoint with a Branched Style
Example of Split Arrow in PowerPoint with a Branched Style

You can start inserting a simple bent arrow shape in PowerPoint and then change the shape options to fill with a solid color and remove the border.

Branched Arrow Shape in PowerPoint presentations
Creating a Branched Arrow in PowerPoint

To insert this shape, we have used the Bent Arrow shape available from the Shapes preset list. You can learn how to insert shapes in PowerPoint for more information.

Bent Arrow Shape in PowerPoint
Insert a Branching Arrow in PowerPoint using the Bent Arrow Shape

Then you can duplicate the shape to produce a similar one that will be then mirrored vertically. You can flip it vertically to produce the following design. Also, add a rectangular shape on the left so it can look as follows.

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Creating a branched arrow in PowerPoint with shapes. Split arrows in your presentation slides.
Creating a Branched Arrow in PowerPoint using Shapes

Finally, select the three shapes with the branching arrows and then group them together so you can move them as a whole.

combine shapes powerpoint
Group shapes in PowerPoint to make a branched arrow

You can add text labels on the left and right and of course change the branched arrow shape style to add a slightly shadow.

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