How to Fix “There is a Problem with the Office database” in PowerPoint 2011

If you are running PowerPoint for Mac and a popup dialog box appears with the following message ” There is a problem with the Office database” then that means the Office database needs to be fixed.

Fix there is a problem with the Office database

You can fix this problem by opening the Microsoft Database Utility and running a Rebuild.

In order to open Microsoft Database Utility open Finder and go to Applications folder. Then look for Microsoft Office 2011 folder and go to Office sub folder.

Microsoft Database Utility Window screenshot

Run Microsoft Database and then the following dialog box will appear.

Rebuild Office 2011 Identity using Microsoft Office Database Utility

Here, you can select the current identity having troubles (normally it is Main Identity unless you use multiple identities in Microsoft Office for Mac or Outlook for Mac). Select the identity in troubles and then click Rebuild. Wait until the process is completed and then the error dialog box should disappear the next time you open PowerPoint for Mac.

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