Influencing Factors PowerPoint Template

The Influencing Factors PowerPoint Template provides editable diagram slides depicting an arrow passing through loops, with placeholders for adding your own text. The template has been designed in such a way that it provides slides with both horizontal and vertical loops, starting from a single loop slide to a five loop slide.

Create Slides Explaining Influential Factors

With this animated template for PowerPoint you can elaborate the various influencing factors to create cause and effect diagrams and to explain the factors affecting an existing or potential venture, plan, project, etc.

influencing factors powerpoint template

The opening slide shows a single loop with an arrow passing through it. This slide can be customized with your own title, subtitle and image/logo, which will play with the animation of an arrow passing through the loop, when you switch to Slide Show mode. This is because all slides come with animations that play out with the added text and images.

two loop arrow slide

Sequential Sample Slides With Up To Five Loops

The given placeholders can act as a good guide for you to add content to mash with the pre-rendered animations in the template. The first five slides in this template show loops that increase in number as the slides progress. For example, the first slide has one loop, the second slide has two and as you progress, the fifth slide has five loops. These are of course sample slides which you can either use in the same sequence to create sequential slides or use only the slide(s) with the desired number of circles.

four loop vertical arrow

The vertical sequence of slides starts with a two loop slide which progresses to a five loop vertical slide. This layout can be quite handy if you have more text to add to your slides, as you can present 2-5 influencing factors by adding the text horizontally for each loop.

five loop arrow

The Influencing Factors PowerPoint Template works with:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac

Go to Presenter Media – Influencing Factors PowerPoint Template (Standard)

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