If PowerPoint is not responding or you are getting out of memory while running MS Office and PowerPoint, then this troubleshooting section can help you to understand a find a fix. You can learn how to troubleshoot PowerPoint if it is not responding on saving as well as PowerPoint 2013 troubleshooting or learn what to do when Microsoft PowerPoint is not responding properly on Windows or Mac.

Using Document Inspector PowerPoint 2010 Before Sharing Your Presentations

If you are concerned about sharing your presentations and the privacy options, then you should check this feature available in PowerPoint 2010 (and PowerPoint 2013, too). This Document Inspector feature can be really helpful if you are using PowerPoint as a collaboration tool within other users (colleagues, friends, and partners) to design PowerPoint presentation. Before starting, …

What to Do if PowerPoint is Not Responding

What to Do if PowerPoint is Not Responding

PowerPoint not responding is a situation that can get the willies for anyone who is hurry to finish the PowerPoint presentation before an important meeting. But this can happen for many different reasons. One possible reason why PowerPoint 2010 or 2013 is not responding in our computer or is not working could be because the system …