How to Export MapPoint to PowerPoint

The easiest way to export MapPoint to PowerPoint 2010 or any other version of MS PowerPoint like PowerPoint 2007 and 2013 is saving the work as a web page and then getting the output files.

MapPoint to PowerPoint

When you save your map as a web page, you should locate the folder and then the output file that is named as image_map.gif – The size of this image may be very large so you can reduce it first using a Picture tool or after inserting in PowerPoint you can try to use the Image Optimization tricks.

Alternatively you can select the map you want to copy and then choose Edit -> Copy. Then in the PowerPoint slide choose Paste Special and insert it is as bitmap.

You can also try to automate the process by using a VBA script to retrieve the map using MapPointCtl.Map object and then save it as a web page. The macro should then locate the image_map.gif file and insert it as a picture in PowerPoint.


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