How to Eliminate Presentation Nerves

Getting nervous before giving presentation is very thing, this is nothing but the anxiety for presentation. This is just the fear of public speaking and presenting in front of audience. Audience is not always considered as gathering of hundreds of people, in fact, giving presentations to staff members or even team members is a same thing.

Mood Anxiety and Fear in PowerPoint presentations (nerves)

If you also have public speaking fear then you should develop some strategies to manage your nerves, so that you could give an effective and engaging presentation. You know, you can’t get rid of your nervousness but you can overcome this fear. Giving presentation is not a natural process, it is all about practicing. However, most practiced and expert speaker or presenter gets quite nervous before presentation, so this is a very common thing, but it must be controlled.

You know, the energy which is being wasted in getting nervous can be utilized to communicate convincingly and enthusiastically. So, you need to harness your nerves and try to bring it under control. Here are some key tips that can help to overcome your fear and will help you to focus on your audience.

Know your audience and know its needs:

You are there to provide useful information to your audience ad definitely you are not there to surprise them. Yes, you can surprise them, but with your search and material, not with irrelevant speech. So, you must consult with the representative of audience about their expectation from the presentation, what actually they want to know and provide them the same, this will boost up your confidence. But if you will not be familiar with this thing then viewer’s reaction can lead you to the pool of nervousness. Thus:

  • Define your target audience
  • Ask representative of audience that what they expect from presentation
  • Discuss your agenda with few people and ask them if there anything missing or overkill?

You must know your content:

Nothing can be worse for your nerves than giving presentation on the topic for which you are not prepared well. It doesn’t mean that you need to be expert beforehand, but you should be familiar with the content on which you are going to speak so that don’t get freeze while giving presentation.

Nerves in PowerPoint

Another important thing is that you must cover important and necessary topic first and then giver other relevant information later, if time allows, because you may know a lot of things about that topic and you have limited time to give presentation. So, try to make it concise and useful instead of boring and lengthy.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare?

When you decide that you need to get prepare for presentation, you should consider following things:

  • Decide what you will wear, make sure it is comfortable and appropriate.
  • Reach early and setup your equipments, like projector
  • Run through real environment of presentation, if possible.

Clam yourself from inside:

Before giving presentation you must be calm and relaxed, because nervousness increase adrenaline in your system that cause, so try few techniques like, deep breathing, wear smile, drink water, massage your forehead and try speak slowly.

Practice Practice Practice:

Never give presentation without preparing and practicing it. Rehearse and re-rehearse until you don’t become confident of being prepared for final presentation. Practicing in front of mirror is good way to curb nervousness.

So, in your next presentation, be knowledgeable, well practiced and relaxed; and amaze your audience with your smoothly delivered great presentation.

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