How to Create a Facebook Cover Photo

Last updated on November 10th, 2023

Getting a Facebook cover photo right can be a bit tricky. Your image can appear pixelated, out of order or it might not look right across desktop and mobile versions of Facebook. To ensure your Facebook cover photo looks just right, you can follow the simple guide below to learn all about how to create a Facebook cover photo using MediaModifier.

Select a Desired Facebook Template

To create a Facebook cover photo, select a desired template from MediaModifier.

You can use a template even if you want to create a graphic for your social media cover image or need to optimize a personal photo. Whether you’re making a cover for a Facebook page advertisement, anniversary, announcement of a sale or need to optimize a personal image for your Facebook cover photo, you can use a sample template for the job. Additionally, MediaModifier also provides templates for Facebook posts, ads, links and Facebook 3D.

select a facebook photo cover template

Customize Facebook Cover Photo Template

In the example below, we are customizing a sample facebook template for making a cover photo for a sales announcement.

edit facebook cover photo template

Add Photos, Logos, Text and Shapes

You can customize the selected Facebook cover template by adding photos, background images, text, shapes and the like.

add facebook cover photo logo

You can pick a range of pictures from the photo archive offered by MediaModifier. These images can be inserted in your Facebook cover template or Facebook page template mockup. You can use the stock photo as an overlay or background. Since the below example shows a sale for PowerPoint templates, we are inserting a PowerPoint themed stock photo as a backdrop. You can also use solid colors for your background.

select photo for facebook cover

Download Facebook Cover Photo

You can download or publish your Facebook cover photo for use from the top right menu. The download options allow fetching the customized version of the image as a JPEG, PNG or PDF file.

download facebook cover photo design

Upload Your Cover Photo on Facebook

Finally, you can upload your optimized cover photo on Facebook.

upload cover image to facebook

Since MediaModifier provides specific presets for various types of social media posts, banners and cover art, you can have optimized images ready for use on your social media accounts in no time.

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