How To Compress Pictures in PowerPoint 2013 To Reduce Presentation File Size

One may often require reducing the file size of a PowerPoint presentation before emailing it or to ensure that there are no lags or hangs caused due to a heavy presentation file. in fact, if your file size is too heavy, the presentation might even crash, which can lead to a lot of embarrassment.

Compress Pictures in PowerPoint 2013 to Reduce File Size

One of the biggest culprits for a heavy presentation file size are images. Even photos imported from a camera roll can be worth 1-2 MB, which as you can imagine, impacts the overall presentation file size. To reduce your image file size you should compress images. To compress an image (in PowerPoint) click on it, go to Picture Tools and select ‘Compress Pictures’.

Compress Pictures in PowerPoint to Reduce File Size

Once done, check the option ‘Delete cropped areas of pictures’. This will reduce the overall presentation file size. You can also use the minimum file size by selecting the ‘Email (96 ppi)’ option to minimize the document size for sharing. Needless to say, click ‘OK’ to apply the configuration. This method is applicable for PowerPoint 2013 and older versions.

Compress Picture in PowerPoint 2013

Other than compressing images it is advised to carefully use videos, audio clips and animations to your presentations, as all these can impact the overall file size and lead to various issues when sharing the file or during presentation. To share your heavy presentations you can also use different web services like SlideOnline or by using web services that allow sharing heavy files. For more details see our post about How To Send Large PowerPoint Files Over the Internet.

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