How to Check Definitions & Translate Text in PowerPoint, Word & Excel

There’s always room for more functionality for Office applications, especially in the ever-evolving technology and business fields. Today, for example, how we work and study is different from just a few years ago. And this is why you may find many Office add-ins very useful, such as to check definitions and translate text in PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

Better Vocabulary with Collins Dictionary

Become More Productive at Work or in School

One of the best Office add-ins out there to help you become more productive, for example, is the Collins Dictionary Add-in. While Word itself has a built-in dictionary, the Collins Dictionary is sourced from the world’s biggest database of 4.5 billion words, giving you literal word power.

With this exceptional add-in for PowerPoint, Word and Excel, you don’t have to crack open a big and heavy dictionary or download an app, or even subscribe to a service where you have to learn a new software. Nothing like that. The Collins Dictionary add-in opens and works right within Word so you don’t have to toggle through programs, windows, and tabs. You work seamlessly within Word without skipping a beat.

Collins Dictionary Add-In for Office

Have the confidence to use big words or be precise with what you mean with the help of the Collins Dictionary add-in for Office. You can easily find the meaning of the word that you want to use to make sure you’re expressing what you mean precisely. You can also just highlight a word in your document and see the synonyms in the dedicated Collins Dictionary add-in panel. If you’re creating a document in another language, you can just highlight a text or some lines and choose a target language from among 40 supported languages. This makes it convenient to keep on working within Word, PowerPoint and Excel and not get distracted by other apps or software.

Use Collins Dictionary for Office Programs

Get the Collins Dictionary for Office Programs

To get the Collins Dictionary add-in for Office programs, you can go to the Microsoft AppSource to download the add-in as well as other add-ins. As mentioned earlier, the Collins Dictionary add-in works not just for Word but also for other Office programs, such as Excel and PowerPoint.

With the Collins Dictionary, add-in creating well-written documents will be a breeze. You can create research papers, essays, and more than these, you can create other files as well, such as presentations and spreadsheet-based reports. If you want to extend its use, you can use the add-in to learn a new language.

Collins Dictionary for PowerPoint

Download the Collins Dictionary Add-in for Office

Aside from the Microsoft AppSource, the Collins Dictionary add-in can also be accessed and installed from within any Office application such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel. Just go to the Insert tab in the Ribbon. Then, under add-ins, go to the Store. From here, a smaller window will populate all the add-ins available, and you can go through the wide selection of categories or just go straight to the search box and type a keyword or add-in name. Then, just follow the instructions to install and finish the process in your Office program.

Download the Collins Dictionary Add-in for Office

What’s great about having Office add-ins is that you can download an add-in only once and then, as long as you’re logged in with your Microsoft Office credentials, you can expect the add-ins to be downloaded and installed also in other devices that also have those Office programs.

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